See the interaction through her eyes

Every time you talk to a girl you need to be able to see everything through her eyes. To be able to see through her eyes you have to understand what she wants, how much attraction she feels for you, and what kind of mood she is in.
As strange as it is to hear, the best way to understand what women really want is to read romance novels. They are filled with what women are really attracted to. Also make sure to read my book Understanding Sexual Attraction: What makes a woman want you.

One very important thing you want to see through her eyes is how attracted to you she is. Here is an example to show why this is important: Guy 1 approaches a girl with the line “Do you know where X is?” and everything is going fine, then he just comes out and says “I like you, can I have your number?” He didn’t read how she felt and so he didn’t see that she didn’t feel any attraction for him yet. If you look at it through her eyes here’s what she is thinking:

-OK this guy is approaching me… he wants me, he’s just using this as an excuse to talk to me. He’s OK looking but nothing special, and so far nothing interesting has come out of his mouth. My first impression of him is not good because subconsciously I have read that his body language is not very good. He could make a good friend. Oh he just said he likes me… what makes him think he has a chance with me? He’s asking for my number, it would be awkward if I said no. Here I will give it to him but only respond when I am bored.

So she doesn’t ever really feel attraction for this guy, but he showed all his cards anyway. Not the best choice. Now let’s look at the exact same interaction but the girl this time will be attracted to the guy.

-OK this guy is approaching me… he wants me, he’s just using this as an excuse to talk to me. He’s OK looking but nothing special, but he is clearly very confident. I wonder what has made him this confident. I can subconsciously see that he has very good body language, I know he’s only OK looking but why do I feel attracted to this guy? Oh he just said he likes me… we just met and he is already putting himself out there. He is extremely brave. I’ll give him my number, I hope he texts me so I can figure this guy out.

So this is the exact same interaction with a guy who is just as good looking, but excellent body language triggers attraction and curiosity from the girl. The guy says the exact same lines, but gets a completely different response. Some people say coming out and saying something like “I like you” is beta. It is only beta if she sees herself as higher value than yourself. You have to be able to read where you stand, and to do that you have to be able to look through her eyes.

We will use this exact same interaction, except now the guy will read that the girl is not into him, and act accordingly. He opens with “Hey do you know where the X bank is?”

-OK this guy is approaching me… he wants me, he’s just using this as an excuse to talk to me. He’s OK looking but nothing special. His body language is not bad, but not good either. I don’t feel any attraction for this guy, but it’s somebody to talk to. Oh he’s teasing me, maybe he’s just a fun guy who likes talking to new people. Maybe he doesn’t like me… why doesn’t he like me? Oh he has traveled the world, he’s adventurous. I would love to travel the world. I wonder how he did it and what it was like? Maybe I like this guy. Oh he’s asking for my number, I don’t want to stop talking with him, but at least this way we can talk more.

In this interaction the guy waited until the girl was actually attracted to him before he asked for the number. If he would have said “I like you.” at the beginning of the interaction like the others, then she may have given out her number, but she would not have actually met him. He read the body language signs she gave off and was able to see when she started feeling attraction for him.

To sum up what you can learn from this is that if you have solid looks and body language then you will make a good first impression and you should keep first interactions short (this doesn’t mean keep an actual date short, just remember that the goal is to get the date). A short interaction will be less work and it will be harder to mess up. On the other hand if your looks and body language aren’t as good, then you will have to use personality attributes and status to create attraction. If this is the case then you will want to talk with her longer so you can show you have these things.

In these examples the guys asked for the girls numbers, I still believe doing that is the best way to waste your time, as you can’t be sure if the girl is into you. If you don’t know how to read the signs to see if a girl feels attraction for you read my book 120 Body Language signals that She Likes You.


Getting Numbers Vs. Giving Numbers

It has always been a sign of skill to go up to a girl and “get her number”. Among friends it’s an ultimate bragging right to get the number of a girl in front of them, but does it really mean anything? How often do those girls end up their girlfriend or lover? Usually not very often. These guys wonder why they get flaked on so often; they are barely able to convince a girl to give her number to them, and they wonder why she doesn’t show up to the date.

The problem is that she never felt enough attraction in the first place, so these guys have spent this time trying to meet a girl who never intended to meet them in the first place. They may try to increase attraction through texts and over the phone, but it is VERY difficult to do through texts, and almost as hard through talking on the phone.

The solution to this is simply to give the girls your number, preferably on a piece of paper. What this does is it forces you to try your best to create attraction and make a good impression. After you do this all you have to do is hand them your number. If you did well and they are interested, you will get a text. If not, you will forget about them and not have to waste your time texting and trying to set up a date.

Another benefit to giving them your number on a piece of paper, is that it’s hard for them to reject you in that moment, because you just want to leave it with them. They may have been really intimidated or had a bad day, so they acted cold. After thinking about it they realized they wanted a date, and now they have the option to call you. Slipping a piece of paper can also save them some embarrassment from people watching. Overall giving your number to a girl is much smarter and won’t lead to you trying to “make a girl like you” through text messages. Before going anywhere you should make sure that in your wallet or pocket you have slips of paper with your number on them, so that no opportunity is missed.



When asking yourself whether or not something you are doing is attractive to women, all you have to do is think to yourself whether this particular attribute is power. Good looks, charm, money, status are all forms of power and all are attractive to women. Being ugly, boring, poor, and unknown are all opposites of having power. Fearlessness, athletic build, intelligence, and confidence are all forms of power. Being fearful, scrawny, dumb, and unconfident are all opposites of power.

In my book where I sum up all the things that are attractive to women, you see what exactly is attractive to women. However, sometimes you will do something that won’t easily fall into any of those categories and the one way you can know whether or not it is attractive to women is to think whether or not it is a form of power.

Next time you are with a girl, think about some of your recent actions. Think whether or not they are a form of power or weakness. Make this a habit and it is one of the simplest ways to make yourself a more attractive person.

What is Game

What is Game
Most people who use game don’t really understand what game really is, so I will put together all the components of game.

Amplifying your attractive qualities
Having looks, money, and status are all things that are attractive, but they are not forms of game. They are just assets. However, being able to put yourself in a situation where you can use your looks, money, and status to your advantage is game. For example, you may be good looking but if you approach girls from behind and don’t let them get a good look at you, you will trigger a bad impression before your good looks have a chance to sink in. You may have money, but if you don’t show you have money than you may lose the girl before she even knows you are rich. A form of game is knowing to dress like you have money. You may be world renowned in your craft, but if she is not into your craft than she will never know this. Being able to let her know this without coming off as bragging is game. A way to do this is to take her on a date that she will learn about this thing, or to hint at it in a funny story. This part of game is called amplifying your attractive qualities.

Personality Attributes
In my book Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You I talk about 14 personality attributes that are attractive to women. Whether or not people with these attributes are aware that they are doing game, it is still game.
Some examples of these personality attributes are being desired by women, fearless, mysterious, dangerous, fun and charming.

You may be the best looking guy in the world with all the money and personality attributes in the world, but if you don’t put yourself in a good position with the girl, it will mean nothing. If a girl really likes you, it is clear but suddenly she must go because she just got a call that her mom is in the hospital she will split before you know what happened. Running after her and getting her number, or getting some form of contact beforehand is logistics. If you meet a girl, and you have gamed her perfect and she is way into you, but you live 2 hours away and she’s about to fall asleep, there goes your chance to be with her that night, and all because you didn’t have logistics game. Going to a place that is 90% guys to pick of girls is another example of bad logistics. A solid understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs will help you understand the things a girl needs to have met before she can be gamed.

Creating attraction in the moment
My book about understanding sexual attraction also gives a bunch of tips on ways to do this, but I will tell you the most powerful form of creating attraction in the moment, teasing. Make sure to do this often with girls, but in addition to teasing there are many other ways to do this that you can read about in my book.

Body Language
Having solid body language is a subconscious way of signaling many of your attractive qualities. Because women subconsciously use your body language as a lie detector, if your body language is not in sync with your attractive qualities, she will not believe them to be true. On the other hand if your body language surpasses your attractive qualities, she will perceive you to have more attractive qualities than you have. Thus having good body language is another form of game.

Making her comfortable
Making her comfortable around you and being able to trust you is important in any relationship. If you seem like a serial killer, even if she is attracted to it, her desire to live will overthrow everything else. Not being weird and building rapport are two of the best ways to do this.

Escalation to Sex and Beyond
Understanding how to comfortably go from first talking with a girl all the way past sex is a very important component of game. There are tricks and things you will learn that can help a woman become comfortable touching you. You must start small and touch more and more and in more vital places as the relationship goes on. Then to kissing and more.

Skills to Meet New Girls
Having the ability to meet new girls in the 3 different categories: online game, day game, night game, and social circle game. Part of game is being able to start a conversation with a girl you sit next to on a bus and close with her number or a date. You need to be able to attract and pull a girl at a club or bar. Internet game is a way you can meet girls without ever leaving your home. These three fields of meeting girls are all part of game. The easier it is for you to meet new attractive girls, the better your game is in this area.

The 3 Keys to Getting the Hottest Girls Online

I have had a lot of success finding women online. I usually only use this while traveling, but I have learned a lot from going on a lot of dates with a lot of girls. I will tell you that I only message about the top 5%, and that I have a high success rate, but it all stems on 1 thing…. the first key.

You have to webcam with them. If you have good game, then you have good body language. If you webcam with a girl, you can 90% game her like you would in person. Only thing that is missing is kino. This is the thing that changes these over messaged girls (gettings 100’s of messages a day) from putting up with talking to me, to begging to talk and meet with me. Also in a girls mind, if she has not webcammed with you, you are only a picture. You’re not even really a real person in her mind. Just a photo. You have to make a strong impression and connection. The only way to do that is to webcam. It’s like trying to build attraction through text messages, you are only dumb enough to try when you are starting out in game. It’s very difficult to build attraction with the top girls on dating sites without being able to run full game (minus kino). Hence why webcamming is the #1 most important thing when it comes to online dating.

In fact, I have looked back over my many dates set up from online game. ALL of my hottest girls I webcammed with, except for one and she was a nympho, so she just wanted sex. One girl has scammed me. She agreed to meet before she had webcammed with me. 95% of the girls I meet I have webcammed with. I have witnessed girls barely replying to me, then, after webcamming they won’t stop messaging me. All of a sudden they want to meet. The ONLY reason I get the top 5% of girls on dating websites is because I webcam and show that I have game.

You have to look at the type of competition you will be facing on these websites. 80% of guys will be below average in looks, and 10% of the good looking guys, are only on this website because they have no social skills and game. That leaves 10% of guys for any competition at all. Of that 10%, 1% will have decent game. That leaves 1 out of 100 guys being legit competition. But the only way that figure even matters, is if you webcam with her. Because you can fake social skills over text. They can’t read your body language. Reading body language is the #1 lie detector women use. A guy can pretend to be high value over text, but his body language will give it away if they meet in cam or person.

If you are one of the people that are below average in looks, all you have to do is make up for it in another way. Read Understanding Sexual Attraction: What makes a woman want you, this will teach you how you can make up for your looks.

Most the girls I meet get over 100 messages a day. So what happens is that the real goal is getting them to webcam with me, not getting them to meet me. The meetup is easy once they have webcammed. To get these girls who are receiving ridiculous amounts of attention from men I need a hook. The hook is the second key to online gaming. Something that will make them want to webcam with me. Not make them want to meet me, I just have to get to the webcam stage which can be hard when I’m competing with 100 guys every day. So, while in conversation I will drop in a little hook. These hooks work best if they flow, for example, she says “Yeah, maybe we can be friends.” Then I will reply “Yeah maybe we can, but I warn you, I’m much better looking in person (not true, it’s just a hook). We will meet and you will find my good looks irresistible.” It’s a lie, but to hook these girls who get 100+ messages a day you have to play dirty. It won’t be enough to meet her, but it will be enough to webcam with her, as she will be curious if it is true. When you get to webcamming she will see you are the 1 in a 100. Then your date will be in the bag. You can use other hooks too. Start talking about muscles then mention how you can make your pecks dance. I can barely make my pecks dance and it looks so weak when I do, but I get to webcam with a girl and it’s pretty funny so I get her laughing. Then, I just game.

So to sum it up. You need real world game before you can succeed with the top girls online. Real world game is the 3rd hook. Once you have it, you just need to hook them in whatever way possible, then webcam and show that real world game that they are not used to seeing, especially online.

In order the 3 keys to getting the hottest girls online.
First: Develop real world game
Second: Hook the girl so she will webcam with you
Third: Webcam with the girl so you can show your real world game

Smile the Right Way

Many people have heard that smiling makes you attractive. They are right. However, what they don’t realize is that you have to smile the right way if you want to make yourself appear more attractive. To be honest it is more of a smirk.

Something you will see that sets apart the very attractive of the world is this smirk. These very attractive people have 4 go to smiles. Eye smirk, lip smirk, teeth smirk, and laughter. In conversations with these good looking people you will very rarely see any type of smile other than those four. It is because those are the smiles that are considered good looking. <<< Click Here to See the Smiles

There are also certain smiles that you should never do. These smiles are:

nervous or scared smile – The smile we give off when we are nervous or scared but trying to cover it up.

disconnected smile – When our mouth is smiling but our eyes or another part of our body are obviously feeling another emotion.

submissive smile – This is the smile that primates use when dealing with the head male. They show all their teeth and smile as a way of showing they are willing to submit.

laughter with no teeth – Laughing without showing your teeth makes you look uncomfortable in a situation.

photo pose smile – This has become popular in pictures, but it is not the best smile to have when talking with girls. It most closely resembles a submissive smile.

The Power of Who You Are With and What You Watch

There is a saying that goes “You are the personality of your five closest friends.” This saying is very true except it doesn’t take into account how much media we see. People wonder how they can improve certain attributes about themselves. For example, they want to stop being geeky, but are surrounded by geeks all day long. It’s all you see and take in, so it will be very difficult to change. However, there are ways you can improve without ditching your friends.

Here is what you can do: Watch movies, interviews, and TV that has men who are very good with women. They will have excellent body language that will subconsiously rub off on you. Try to watch the movies that have a lot in the series so you can spend a lot of time taking in how the characters who are good with women act. For example, watch the 007 movies. James Bond is played by many characters but he always has great body language and is always played by actors that are lady killers. TV series with many seasons are also a good idea. You can sit back and just appreciate the amazing body language of a character while simultaneously being entertained. Improving how good you are with girls couldn’t be easier.