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Smile the Right Way

Many people have heard that smiling makes you attractive. They are right. However, what they don’t realize is that you have to smile the right way if you want to make yourself appear more attractive. To be honest it is more of a smirk.

Something you will see that sets apart the very attractive of the world is this smirk. These very attractive people have 4 go to smiles. Eye smirk, lip smirk, teeth smirk, and laughter. In conversations with these good looking people you will very rarely see any type of smile other than those four. It is because those are the smiles that are considered good looking. <<< Click Here to See the Smiles

There are also certain smiles that you should never do. These smiles are:

nervous or scared smile – The smile we give off when we are nervous or scared but trying to cover it up.

disconnected smile – When our mouth is smiling but our eyes or another part of our body are obviously feeling another emotion.

submissive smile – This is the smile that primates use when dealing with the head male. They show all their teeth and smile as a way of showing they are willing to submit.

laughter with no teeth – Laughing without showing your teeth makes you look uncomfortable in a situation.

photo pose smile – This has become popular in pictures, but it is not the best smile to have when talking with girls. It most closely resembles a submissive smile.