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The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language

If only 7% of communication is done through words, then why do so many believe that they can pick up a girl with some magic line? The 9 laws of attractive body language are your magic line, they cover the other 93% of communication. If you have mastered these, you will be able to say anything, to any girl, and have her respond positively in nearly any situation.

In addition to the 9 laws of attractive body language, you will also learn:
-The secret to building attraction while dancing; using the 9 laws in the club
-How to take pictures of yourself that women will find attractive
-How you can remember the laws and make them habits
-How you can teach yourself the 9 laws subconsciously

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Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You

To be what a girl wants, you have to know what a girl wants.

In this book you will learn the answer to the age old question “What women want”. Not the fleeting thoughts of what women want, but the things that are hardwired into them. It will explore sexual attraction completely. You will learn and understand every single attraction trigger that women have, and why they have them. Broken down mathematically with graphs and percentages you will learn exactly what things matter when it comes to attraction.

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