When asking yourself whether or not something you are doing is attractive to women, all you have to do is think to yourself whether this particular attribute is power. Good looks, charm, money, status are all forms of power and all are attractive to women. Being ugly, boring, poor, and unknown are all opposites of having power. Fearlessness, athletic build, intelligence, and confidence are all forms of power. Being fearful, scrawny, dumb, and unconfident are all opposites of power.

In my book where I sum up all the things that are attractive to women, you see what exactly is attractive to women. However, sometimes you will do something that won’t easily fall into any of those categories and the one way you can know whether or not it is attractive to women is to think whether or not it is a form of power.

Next time you are with a girl, think about some of your recent actions. Think whether or not they are a form of power or weakness. Make this a habit and it is one of the simplest ways to make yourself a more attractive person.


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