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Understand Sexual Attraction Free

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Party in Manila, Philippines

The other day I got invited to a party by a girl I met online, originally I wasn’t going to go, but the girl who invited me was very persistent; so I figured I would check it out. It was a birthday party in the lobby of an expensive hotel for a young Philippina girl dating a rich British guy.

When I arrived, there were about three Philippina girls for every guy. This party was filled with cute Philippina girls in slutty dresses and all the foreign guys looked like they couldn’t be happier. There was only one Philippino guy there, but he was American. They were doing body shots off all sorts of body parts, and one girl tried to give me a handjob in front of everybody. No thanks. I met a Persian girl I really liked. She had these natural big boobs that I hadn’t seen for a while in Asia. I got her number and facebook because she had to leave, but I’m happy with her potential. I got a few numbers, basically all the cutest girls at the party, and stayed afterwards.

It was late and everybody was going home, but I went up with the rich Britsh guy who paid for the party. He had a huge apartment in the nicest part of Manila. This guy was a playboy in his fifties and was currently dating a girl over thirty years younger than him. I can’t say that it will be me at his age, but wow… Manila… what a place.

Understanding Sexual Attraction

To be what a girl wants, you have to know what a girl wants.

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You Can’t Win What You Won’t Risk Losing

When it comes to girls, you have to be daring. You have to go for a home run, not just a bunt. I leave this gem of advice with you all: If you are stuck in an interaction with a girl, and you are reading her body language to see that she isn’t really into you, you need to think back to this post. Think to yourself “You can’t win what you won’t risk losing.” It will force you to do all you can to create attraction. Best case scenario, it works. Worst case scenario, you lost a girl you never had.