International Girl Awards

Voting competition to show which girls from which places have the best features.

Here are the results from the first 50 votes:

Best Face
White Girls 48%
Best Boobs
White Girls 62%
Best Booty
Latina Girls 48%
Best Skin
White Girls and Asian Girls 30% each
Best Hair
White Girls 52%
Best Curves
Latina Girls 50%
Skinniest Girls
Asian Girls 64%
Best Overall Body
White Girls and Latina Girls 32% each
Best Personality
White Girls Eastern European 42%
Easiest Girls
White Girls Western and Asian Girls SEA 28% each
Hottest of Western Countries
French Girls 18%
Hottest of Eastern European Countries
Russian Girls 265
Hottest of Black Girls
Brazilian 34%
Hottest of Latinas
Argentinian 26%
Hottest Girls of Carribean
Italian 26%
Hottest Girls of Middle East
Persian (Iranian) 44%
Hottest Girls of Asia
Japanese 30%
Hottest Type of White Girl
Brunette (Dark) 38%
Best Overall Girls
White Girls 44%

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